Dra. Pilar Urcelay - The aesthetic uses of botox for wrinkles

The aesthetic uses of botox for wrinkles

21 June 2017

Botox is a quick and easy method to decrease and remove facial wrinkles without having to go through the operating room. It is a toxin called botulinum toxin produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Botox is actually the name of the first brand that marketed this substance.

Botulinum toxin is neurotoxic. This means that it affects the nervous system and produces, among its various symptoms, the paralysis of the muscles. In nature it is found in food and is highly toxic, but there is nothing dangerous in its medical application. On the contrary, it is used to treat different conditions such as migraines or hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), being its most well known use the removal of facial wrinkles, in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Urcelay uses Allergan botox, and specifically Vistabel, its botulinum toxin product accepted for aesthetic use, due to its speed of action. The results begin to be visible between two and five days after the injections, the great absorption that it has and the duration of its anti-wrinkle effects lasts between 5 and 6 months in the vast majority of cases.

Its application is simple. After an exhaustive study to know the depth of the wrinkles to be treated, Dr. Urcelay starts to penetrate the botox using an ultra-fine needle, which helps reduce any discomfort caused by the punctures. These infiltrations are done to treat wrinkles of expression, as the botox reaches the muscle directly, relaxes its contractions and softens this type of wrinkles.

Infiltrations are performed only on some facial muscles such as the forehead and brow area, the “crow’s feet” area and sometimes around the lips. It is very important that the infiltrations are performed by a doctor specialized in aesthetic and restorative medicine such as Dr. Urcelay, as it requires a deep knowledge of the facial anatomy. An error would lead to unwanted gestures.

With botox, you can also treat problems arising from excessive sweating. In this case, the Doctor evaluates the areas of excessive sweating of armpits, soles of the feet and of the hands. The procedure is the same, through very thin needles the botulinum toxin is infiltrated under the skin. In the case of the feet and hands, it may be necessary to apply analgesia to avoid pain.

Both in the treatment of wrinkles and excessive sweating, the results of the application of botox are not permanent, but they are a comfortable and quick alternative to surgery and offer effective solutions to different problems.