Dra. Pilar Urcelay - Passion for plastic surgery and for people

Passion for plastic surgery and for people

24 August 2017

Her resume says it all. From the beginning of her professional career, Dr. Pilar Rodríguez Urcelay has traveled a single path, which has led her to develop her great passion for medicine and to achieve her goal: to become a plastic surgeon of reference.

In 1994 Pilar graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. At the end of her university studies, she began her true vocation in the specialty of cosmetic and restorative surgery, in which she already has more than 20 years of experience. From then until today, Dr. Urcelay has not stopped growing professionally: studies, work, research, active participation in specialized publications…

Finally, in 2001 she obtained her degree as Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, and in 2009 presented her doctoral thesis. Thus, with an Outstanding Cum Laude qualification, she obtained her Doctorate in Surgery from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. But her desire to expand her knowledge does not end there.

The first years of her professional career she dedicated to rigorous training and, above all, to putting into practice everything she had been learning. From her first interventions in the University Hospital of La Princesa to the start of her more personal project, with the opening of her own aesthetic, plastic and restorative clinic, Pilar has worked in Spanish hospitals of reference such as the Hospital of the Child Jesus, The Jiménez Díaz Foundation or the Gregorio Marañón Children’s Hospital.

Especially sensitized to the health of women and patients diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctor has dedicated much of her work as a surgeon to breast reconstruction and collaborates with the Adelias Foundation‘s Green Hall project, where she helps in the diagnosis and surgical intervention on patients of the maternal-infant area in ​​the Hospital Hassani, located in the city of Nador, in Morocco.

Her restless nature has led her on several occasions to expand her training outside of Spain and to learn firsthand different techniques as well as dedicate herself to research, always within the field of restorative and aesthetic surgery, in Paris, Miami or London.

Dr. Urcelay is currently working as a surgeon in her own clinic, while working as an assistant surgical collaborator in several reference hospitals in Madrid such as the Gynecology Service – Breast Unit of the Alcorcón Foundation and as a Member of the Plastic Surgery Service Of the Hospital of Zarzuela.

In addition, Dr. Urcelay belongs to important professional organizations such as the Spanish Society of Plastic Surgeons (SECPRE) and the Spanish Society of Facial Fissures (SOCEFF).

An impeccable professional career, the desire to grow and continue to learn and the human value of Dr. Urcelay make it a safe bet and a guarantee of success in her work as a medical surgeon specialized in aesthetic and restorative medicine.