Dra. Pilar Urcelay - The problems of having large breasts and their solution through breast reduction

The problems of having large breasts and their solution through breast reduction

24 July 2017

Women and men who have excessively large breasts know the problems this may have for their health. This is why breast reduction surgery is more therapeutic than aesthetic.

Breasts that are too large can cause problems such as back pain and neck pain due to excessive breast weight, respiratory problems, and even prevent normal activities such as sports.

To correct these problems we use a specific surgery that helps reduce breast size, also called reduction mammoplasty, and in the case of men a gynecomastia will be practiced. The process begins in the first meeting with Dr. Urcelay, with a breast examination that may be completed with a mammographic study. During the first consultations communication is very important. The Doctor will need to know some information, for example if you are a smoker, if you have had children or if you are planning on having them. She will advise you on the different techniques and about your expectations, and will give you all the necessary information for a correct recovery and for the result to be a success.

Breast reduction surgery is somewhat more complicated than in the case of breast augmentation but its results are just as satisfying. The procedure is performed in an operating room under general anesthesia. During the 2 to 4 hours of the operation, Dr. Urcelay will make several incisions in a way that will eliminate skin, fat and, depending on the cases, excess breast tissue. The incisions are usually made around the areola which allows to keep the nipple attached to both its nerve endings and to the blood supply. This will keep sensitivity on the nipple. Only in cases of large reductions will it be necessary to separate the areola completely and then perform a great reconstruction of the breast.

Once the reduction is completed, the Doctor will put bandages around your chest and drains on the scars, which will be removed after two to three days and will be replaced by a special bra. Between the first and second week the stitches will be removed. And from the second week the Doctor will evaluate if  you can gradually return to normal life. During the first few days you will notice a pain that is controlled with analgesia and during the first weeks you will feel burning in the nipples, swollen chest and even some scabs due to the incisions. All these things are completely normal.

The end result is a smaller and lighter chest, accustomed to your body, with a symmetrical shape and breasts with a rejuvenated appearance. You will have a proportioned body figure. Due to the complexity of the breast reduction, this type of surgery leaves certain visible scars that will be hidden under the bra or bikini and that with time and a good care of the skin will be erased.